WC 11th January 2021 - FULL WEEK

IMPORTANT JOB EVRY MONDAY - create a scrapbook for the week through your pupil login of the school website entitled LOCKDOWN 2021 SCRAPBOOK WEEK 2 (tag your name on too) - on here you can upload documents, photos etc of the work you have done so I can have a look at it. We will print it out here and stick it into your books. There are also TWO pieces of Geography work to submit in the Homeowrk section of your Pupil Dashboard. 

Maths -

Daily Maths Starter - as we do in class - one set of questions per day. The PowerPoint we use is in the resource list below. 

Daily Lessons

Follow the linked teaching video then download and complete the worksheets. The wiorksheets and answer sheets are in the extensive resource list at the bottom of this page. 

Monday - Translations - Click here for video teaching.

Tuesday - Reflections  - Click here for video teaching.

Wednesday - Three decimal places  - Click here for video teaching.

Thursday - Multiply by 10,100,100 - Click here for video teaching.

Friday - recover and complete any remaining activities from the week. I've added some general arithmetic work to the bottom of the resource list on this page (scroll all the way down) Even though there are no SATs now - it is a great skill to keep working on. Have a bash at as much as you can.  

Co-ordinates BEAST Maths Challenges (rolled over from last week) are in the resource list below - together with answer sheets - GOOD LUCK for those who want to try them! 

UPDATE 13th JAN 2021 - Decimal Beasts added (they wil get carried over to next week too -but I will keep hunting for more!) You can use a calculator to help if you really want to!!

Times Table Rock Stars - Battle vs Year 5 


Reading - Follow Daily Reading -  Firebird by clicking here - one session per day. These are linked to YouTube video led Guided Reading sessions. 

Spellings - word lists, spelling rules presentation, handwriting sheets and a wordsearch can be found below - we test on a Friday morning. This weeks rule: Words with a long 'e' sound. Spelt 'ie' or 'ei' after 'c'.


We are following Oak National Academy video lessons for writing a biography. You only need paper and a pencil to take part in these lessons. They are recorded so they can be accessed at any time. Click the links to take you to them...

Monday - Identify the features of a biography. Click here for video teaching.

Tuesday - Investigate Frency and Greek etymology.  Click here for video teaching.

Wednesday - Functions of a colon.  Click here for video teaching.

Thursday - Retrieve information from a non-fiction text (Part 1).  Click here for video teaching.

Friday - Develop a rich understanding of words associated with trying hard.  Click here for video teaching.

There are also five Pobble wriitng packs available in the resource list below. They are there as extras If you want them. As last week follow this order of the activites in the pack. ONE  Question Time (questions to stimulate thoughts about the picture) TWO - Sentence Challenge (some related grammar work) THREE Sick Sentences (make the sentences more interesting) FOUR Story Starter (continue the story)  FIVE Perfect Picture ( a related drawing task)

Monday - Breaking Down

Tuesday - Rise of the Machine

Wednesday - Tsunami

Thursday - Voyage

Friday - Weather Tree


Please follow the activities from the Geography - Rivers page on the Year 6 Home Learning page. Link by clicking here. We completed Lessons 1 and 2 before the Christmas holiday in class. PLEASE NOTE - some of these are also in the HOMEWORK section of the pupil login of the school website where your pieces of work can be uploaded for me to comment on. There are TWO pieces this week to submit. 


Six lessons have been added to your Pupil Dashboard on www.developingexperts.com (your parents have had your access code/username sent to them by e-mail) They are from a unit we covered earlier in Year 6. You can now access wordsearches and quizzes based on each of those lessons. You can read the presentation, then complete the Rocket Word Quiz, Wordsearch and Assessment Quiz. I can view your scores - so I know which ones you have done and how well you have done on them. Have a go at any time over the week. 


These are only if you need any extra work! 

Look at any other pages on the Year 6 Home Learning page. Here you can recover any learning from Term 1. 

Complete Oak National Academy Daily Year Timetable by following this link. Click here

Follow BBC Bitesize daily timetable. Click here. (NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE 8/1/21)


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