Wednesday 1 April

Good morning everybody. hope you are all well. Here are today's activities if you would like a go at them. Don't forget the ongoing Timetables ROCKSTARS  battle with year 5.  We are putting up a very good fight. 


week 2 lesson 1 step 6 Fractions on a numberline, Click here to download resources


Some practice of speech marks/inverted commas today today. Watch this clip to remind you how to use them.

Complete the speech bubbles activity sheet. You need to write sentences like

Max complained , "I want to go to the park." making sure you put inverted commas/speech marks in the right place.

If you need or want more practice try looking at the inverted Commas PowerPoint and if you like you can have a go at the inverted commas worksheet or even the minitest.


Let's have a look at some art as well. This is the first in a lesson on European art. It is about drawing broken buildings and fits in very nicely with our work in geography.  It is about a german artist called Anselm Kiefer - Work through the PowerPoint and see if you can answer the questions about his work . You can see them on the screen or download a version as well if you like.Then have a go at sketching one or more of his broken buildings. Think carefully about the lines you draw and make sure your drawing is big with lots of detail. Enjoy. 

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