Wednesday 1st April 2020

Good morning, Year 5!

Here are your activities for today. Remember - there are other ideas available on the school website HERE and HERE if you wish to do something a bit different or in addition to this.

English: I've included some spelling activities today on creating nouns using the suffix -ity. There's a PowerPoint to look through, a Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check activity sheet, one of Mr Whoops' juggling games, a wordsearch and a related handwriting sheet. 

Maths: Click HERE to access today's work. Look under Week 2 then Lesson 1 - Step 6 - Rounding decimals. The video, activity sheet and answer sheet should all be there for you. 

Science: You will find a PowerPoint that introduces reproduction and pollination in flowers. There is an activity sheet that requires you to write - or cut out and stick - information in the correct columns (graded by difficulty - please only complete one of the sheets). You could also draw and label a diagram showing the different parts of a flower in your workbook if you really wanted to show off! A great, additional activity (maybe for another day) would be to dissect (cut up) a flower to see if you can identify the different parts. This is particularly effective when you use daffodils. Tweet photographs of you doing this to the school Twitter account if you do have a go, please!

That's it for today. Remember to date everything that you do, keep reading (have you been keeping up with THESE videos?) and playing TTRS.

All the best,

Mr Crosby.

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