wednesday 24 february

Good morning . Here are today's activities. Don't forget your skipping challenge and you might like to send us any pictures or results.

Maths- Pounds and Pence

Follow this link to the White Rose teaching lesson and then download the worksheet and answers.

English - the BFG.

Follow this link to lesson 8 where you will analyse the first scene.


Continue with the next activity from Slime and/or do some reading on active learning. 

Geography- how are volcanoes made?

Follow the link to the lesson where you are going to be learning about how volcanoes are formed. You will then think about different types of volcanoes and  will conclude by recapping on where volcanoes are located.

Although we look at volcanoes erupting in lesson 5 you might like to show your child these images showing Mount Etna erupting recently.

Enjoy your day.

Mrs Benetatos

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