Wednesday 25th March 2020


If you have got a free subscription to the phonics play website you can play the flash cards game. We do this every morning to revisit the sounds that we already know. You can choose the sounds that you want to use to play the game by ticking each box. If your child is working at phase 2, you can just use phase 2 sounds or if your child is working at phase 3 you can revisit phase 2 and 3 sounds.

Flashcards game

The following lessons, your child will only do one of. This will either be a phase 2 or a phase 3 lesson. Please refer to your home learning packs to see which phase your child is working towards. Their targets are on coloured card of either green, blue, yellow or pink.

Phase 2

Today's sound is 'e'. If you have a free subscription to the phonics bug website you can follow the link to the 'e' lesson.

'e' lesson


Phase 3

Today's sound is 'or'. or is a digraph because it is two letters and when they are sat together they make one sound.If you have got a free subscription to the phonics bug website you can follow the link to the 'or' lesson.

'or' lesson

The children are used to taking part in these lessons daily. There is a section for sounds, reading, spelling and writing. When it comes to writing I usually get them to write on a whiteboard but they can use their red books for this. They usually have a go at writing 'or' and then words that contain 'or' such is pork, born, short etc. 

At the end of phonics we watch Geraldine the giraffe on youtube who has a different video for each sound.

Geraldine learns 'e'

Geraldine learns 'or'


Additional activities for e with Twinkl

Additional activities for or with Twinkl



Listen to Mrs Brown's story of The girl, the bear and the magic shoes

In your red books can you write a sentence about your favourite part of the story? What were your favourite shoes? Red Strawberries can write a list of shoes that the girl had. Green apples could try and be more narrative about the story by saying what happened at the beginning of the story, the middle and the end. Ask a grown up to upload a picture of your writing to Twitter. I'd love to see them!

There is also an activity pack here for additional activities. You could even design your own magic shoes.


Today we will be practising putting numbers in order from 1-10 and 1-20. Here are some great 5 minute filler games to get you warmed up. 

Can you now write the numbers 1-10 or 1-20 in your red books in the correct order? The numeral song is here if you need to refresh your number formation. Now get an adult to cover a number up at a time. Can you guess which number is missing by looking at the number that comes before and the number that comes after? Can you now cover a number up for your grown up and see if they can guess which number is missing? 

To extend your learning there are some ordering numbers and missing number activities in your learning packs or you could print off this activity. Order numbers 1-10 and 1-20


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