Wednesday 27 January

Good Morning.  I hope everyone is well. I am very impressed with the writing I have seen so far. Keep it up. If you haven't shown be your writing yet don't forget to upload it to me. Pop along to the class discussion page if you would like to share some good news with us or comment or ask about work or even just say hello to your friends.

Here are today's lessons.

English- The Day the Crayons quit day 3.

Follow this link to today's lesson. 

Daily Reading- Mulan

Click here for lesson 3.

Maths- divide by 8.

Follow this link to the White Rose Teaching video and then download the worksheet and answers. Use Supermovers Hit the button or TT Rockstars to reinforce your multiplication and division facts. 


Today you will need to log into the Developing Experts website and then choose the lesson Compare How Things Move on different surfaces.  If you have the resources have a go at the investigation.If not don't worry just work through the quiz and presentation. You can choose to have the video read to you if you like.  I have also activated all the lessons on Magnets so if you want to learn more about magnets you could choose to have a look at them if you like.

Files to Download

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