Wednesday, 5th January 2022


Today in phonics we will revist our Phase 2 sounds. Have a look at the Jolly Phonics songs

There's also a Phase 2 sound game. or you can try the Phase 3 game.


What did you get for Christmas, did Father christmas bring you anything nice? Did you have  agood time at Christmas, what did you do? Was there anything that Father Christmas brought for you that was extra special? 

Today, we are going to write a letter to Father Christmas to say thank you for something that he brought for you. Below, is a letter that you can download, or you can write it on any piece of paper. Don't forget to form your letters correctly. 


Before Christmas we did lots of work counting objects to 10 and matching them to the correct number. Can you use the sheet below to count the post office items and writing the correct number in the circle? If you want to, you acn write the correct number on a piece of paper. Remember to count saying one number at a time and touch each object as you count. If you need a reminder of how to form your numbers correctly, you can watch the video here.

Have a great day!

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