Week beginning 040121

Good Morning, 

In lockdown last year I added a phonics lesson each day, a maths lesson and a literacy lesson each day. All children have a username and password for phonics bug. Please email me at sarah.cunliffe@sthelens.org.uk if you need the details.


I will add the links to the phonics lessons so that you can access them on the computer, tablet or iPad. We usually cover four new sounds each week. I will add all four sounds and you can access them as and when you like over the week. This week the sounds are qu, sh, ch and th. 

qu lesson

ch lesson

sh lesson

th lesson


I will add activities each day which will often relate to the phonics sound we are learning, writing or reading. 

The qu, ch and sh sheets are pretty simple. You need to write the correct word to match the picture. With the th activity, you need to read or get a grown up to read the sentences. You need to spot the th sounds in the sentences and put a circle around them. 


I will add activities each day that will relate to the number we are learning that week, addition, subtraction or shape. 
Look at the Number 11 powerpoint. This is the number of the week this week. Can you remember which number comes before 11? Which number comes after 11? See if you can complete the activities in the Maths activities booklet. These activities are to consolidaye everything that we have done over the last half term.

Extra activities 

I will add additional activities that may relate to RE, Art or Understanding the World as additional tasks. There are different home learning challenges for you to do.

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