Week Beginning 15th November

Please find some Maths, Phonics and Handwriting activities below which should be used if your child is isolating.  These activities can also be used for homework for reinforcement of objectives covered in school.  Please also access our Reading and Phonics page for more resources to practise reading.

  1. Please use the worksheet attached below on number bonds within 10.
  2. Please use the worksheet attached below on systematic number bonds.
  3. Please use the worksheet below on number bonds to 10.
  4. Please look at some more worksheets on number bonds to 10 and choose a one star, two star or three star activity to do.

There are also some True or False question sheets wihich can be looked at and discussed.


Please use the worksheets below to practise writing m


Please use the powerpoints attached below as these will be used in class this week.  There are also some worksheets attached if you would like to use them to practise 'ie'.  You can also access the Reading and Phonics page to revise sounds from Phase 2 and Phase 3.

Files to Download

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