Week beginning Monday 1st February 2021

Hello, Year 5!

UPDATE: click here for this week's spelling test!

Before I begin, it's Children's Mental Health Week 2021 this week. Your mental health is incredibly important all the time, but it's especially important during lockdown when you can't see friends and family properly and can't go out anywhere near as much as you'd like to. So this week I have uploaded a range of activities to help you to focus on your mental health. I would love you to get some Reading, Maths and English done each day but these mental health activites take priority. There are loads of things to have a go at on Monday, then a series of different activities to try over the rest of the week. It's entirely up to you what you do and how much you do - I'd just love to see as many colourful pieces of artwork uploaded to your scrapbooks as possible! Look through the activities and make your own decisions about what you do each day based upon what time you have and what resources you have available.

I have set up separate pages for all of this work so Monday's activities can all be found HERE and the rest of the week's activities can be found HERE (although you should feel free to dip in and out as you choose!). Enjoy!


Your first task of the week is to start a new scrapbook for your home learning work.

Call this week's scrapbook LOCKDOWN 3 2021 Week 5. And let me see lots of bright and colourful Children's Mental Health Week 2021 work in there! Please save as much of your work as images again, now - not as files as I previously asked for. Thank you. 


Discussions: I would love to have every single pupil from Year 5 on the discussions board each morning before 09:30. You already have your login details. Come and say hello so I know you are up and ready to work. You can chat with your friends and ask any questions about the day's work on these discussions boards - there will be a new one started each morning.


Timetable: in class, we would typically complete Spelling, Reading, Maths and English lessons in the morning and one other curriculum lesson in the afternoon. This might help you to structure your day if you were wondering how long to spend on each lesson. Please don't spend any longer than one hour on any one lesson, though. And as long as you can try to do some Reading, English and Maths, that's fine. Anything else is just a bonus. Please remember though that, for this week, the Children's Mental Health Week 2021 work takes priority over anything else, even if it means that's all you do.


Teams: it's been brilliant seeing so many of you in our meetings. We will have Teams meetings every Monday and Friday and will try to fit another in mid-week when possible. Parents/carers should keep checking their emails/Twitter for prior notice of these meetings. Please try to be muted before you join the meetings and blur your background if you are able to. Also remember that you wouldn't eat or drink in the middle of a lesson at school so you should not be doing so in the middle of a Teams meeting either.


Homework: continue with your ANCIENT GREECE HOMEWORK 2021 scrapbook. This doesn't need to be completed until Friday 12th February but don't leave it too late - you only have two weeks left. 


Here are this week's tasks then. They are split up into subjects and any related presentations and worksheets can be found in the big list at the bottom of the page. Remember that Monday's Children's Mental Health Week 2021 activites can be found HERE and the work for the rest of the week can be found HERE


Enjoy, keep in touch and STAY SAFE!


Mr C.


Spelling: this week's spellings are more homophones and near homophones. Again - it won't necessarily be enough to just learn the spellings; you also need to be able to use the correct homophones in the right context. There is a presentation to look through then various sheets to practise with. Try to dip in and out over the week. I will upload a video of me delivering the spelling test on Friday! 


Reading: this week's reading is based around a story called Sabryna and the River Spirit. I have included the full text, all question sheets (these contain the links to the videos), answer sheets and any related activity sheets.


English: you will be completing your three-week unit of work from Oak Academy, based around the amazing book The Viewer by Gary Crew and Shaun Tan. Click on the following links for this week's video lessons:

Monday: click here for lesson 11 (generate vocabulary for a diary entry)

Tuesday: click here for lesson 12 (understand the features of a diary)

Wednesday: click here for lesson 13 (write a diary entry)

Thursday: click here for lesson 14 (write an alternative ending to a story)

Friday: click here for lesson 15 (develop reading for pleasure through discussion of favourite characters)


Maths: we are continuing with our two-week White Rose Maths unit on perimeter and area. The links to the teaching videos are here and the worksheets and answers are at the bottom of the page.

Monday: click here for the Counting Squares teaching video.

Tuesday: click here for the Area of Rectangles teaching video.

Wednesday: click here for the Area of Compound Shapes teaching video.

Thursday: click here for the Area of Irregular Shapes teaching video.

Friday: scroll down to the bottom of the page for the test we would have done in class if school was open normally. Just have a bash and do your best! No pressure! Big smiles!


Times Tables Rock Stars: no competition this week but I would like you to get on here to practise your times tables as much as possible. There is another unit on multiplication and division coming soon and you'll find it much easier if you know your times tables. 


PE: I have attached the document from the St Helens Schools Games team again. This is an A-Z guide of activities that you can do at home to keep you active and have fun! I'd love to see some photos and videos of you all! If you tweet any videos to us at school, you can also tag in the St Helens School Games team (@StHelensSG). Enjoy!



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