Week commencing 22nd November 2021

THURSDAY 25TH NOVEMBER 2021 - for those working from home who are well enough to take part

9.00 Check in and guided reading - LIVE ON TEAMS

10.00 and 11.00-11.30 Maths - LIVE ON TEAMS

11.30-12.30 Creative Writing Task - LIVE ON TEAMS

1.30 Register and check in - LIVE ON TEAMS

3.00 End of day check in - LIVE ON TEAMS



This week's home learning...


Use Times Table Rockstars as often as you can - a Year 5 v Year 6 Battle is online from Tuesday to Friday. 

Find links below for this week's worksheets (WO - Worksheet ANS - Answers)


Monday -  Posiiton in the first quadrant Video teaching 

Tuesday -  The first quadrant Video teaching

Wednesday - Four quadrants Video teaching

Thursday -   Translation Video teaching

Friday - Reflections Video teaching

Two Maths BEASTS have been added below if you want a really tough co-ordinates challenge!



Spellings - words from the same family - all resources below

Read your novel or shorter home reader and complete your journal. 

We also have some activities that you can complete based on our new novel - Armistice Runner by Tom Palmer. Click here.

Armistice Runner Guided Reading click here

Creative writing sessions click here



Some activity ideas linked our WW1 unit which has now ended. Click here.



Some activities that ran alongside our European Languages Day work Click here for home learning. Click here for the whole unit



REVISION - all last unit's lessons have been added to your Developing Experts login page. Cpomplete the quizzes, rocket word quiz, wordsearches etc. Who can have the highest percentage by the end of the week? Click here

There are some home tasks related to our last topic if you wish to have a go at them. These are on a page on Year 6 Home Learning. Click here.  

Our Speak Like an Expert project is now online - this goes alongside our next unit of Science which we will start soon. Click here



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