Week Commencing 4th January 2021 - FULL WEEK

Well I wasn't expecting to be doing this! Over the next day or two I will be in touch with Developing Experts (Science), Times Table Rock Stars, School Spider (the school website - pupils login section) and Microsoft Teams usernames and passwords. When the dust settles I will be organising Teams sessions as soon as I can. Meanwhile e-mail me at stephen.moore@sthelens.org.uk or contact me on Twitter @StaidansbSMoore if you need anything. The list of work here is quite comprehensive - can I ask you to do on paper if you don't have an option to print. Answer sheets are available with most of the work below and children are quite use to self-marking. I will then organise a system to collate work/scores/progress using either Teams or the School Spider school website. 

UPDATE 6/1/21 - You should all now have passwords for Developing Experts (Science), Times Table Rock Stars, School Spider (school website for Pupil Login) and Microsoft Teams. I have started a discussion on the Pupil Login on the school website if you want to try to get logged on and say hello. 

UPDATE 7/1/21 - Can you all create a scrapbook through your pupil login of the school website entitled LOCKDOWN 2021 SCRAPBOOK  (tag your name on too) - on here you can upload documents, photos etc of the work you have done so I can have a look at it. 

Here are a list of lessons/activities for the week. Some give a day they should be done on - others can be done as and when. 

Maths -

Daily Maths Starter - as we do in class - one set of questions per day. The PowerPoint we use is in the resource list below. 

Daily Lessons

Follow the linked teaching video then download and complete the worksheets.

Monday - Fractions of an amount https://vimeo.com/480708541 DONE IN CLASS 4/1/21

Tuesday - Fractions of an amount - Find the whole https://vimeo.com/480708847

Wednesday - First quadrant https://vimeo.com/481214525

Thursday - Four quadrants https://vimeo.com/481215270

Friday - recover and complete any remaining activities from the week. UPDATE 7/1/21 I've added some general arithmetic work to the bottom of the resource list on this page (scroll all the way down) Even though there are no SATs now - it is a great skill to keep working on. Have a bash at as much as you can.  

Fraction Beast Maths Challenges are in the resource list below - together with answer sheets - GOOD LUCK for those who want to try them! I will be adding some co-ordinates BEASTS over the next couple of days. (CO-ORDINATES BEASTS NOW ADDED 5/1/21)


Reading - Follow Roman Rescue by clicking here - one session per day. 

Spellings - word lists, spelling rules presentation, handwriting sheets and a wordsearch can be found below - we test on a Friday morning.

Writing - Follow a Pobble activity from below - one per day. On the sheet is a series of activities. Follow the activities in this order - Question Time (questions to stimulate thoughts about the picture), Sentence Challenge (some related grammar work), Sick Sentences (make the sentences more interesting), Story Starter (continue the story) and Perfect Picture ( a related drawing task) START ON TUESDAY'S ACTIVITY

Monday - The Wave

Tuesday - The Woodcarver

Wednesday - Hatched

Thursday - The Beginning

Friday - The Little Girl and the Red Balloon

Grammar - this week we are looking at informal and formal vocubulary. There is a presentation, lesson plan and activity sheets below to follow. We are completing this over three days in class. The activity sheets below have a day reference on them. If they aren't done on a specific day they can be done in order. WE DIDN'T GET TO START THESE SESSIONS ON MONDAY - SO ALL CHILDREN CAN START WITH THE ACTVITIES LABELLED MONDAY. 


From Tuesday onwards we will continuing with our Rivers topic - please follow the activities from the Geography - Rivers page on the Year 6 Home Learning page. Link by clicking here. We completed Lessons 1 and 2 before the Christmas holiday in class. 


These are only if you need any extra work! 

Look at any other pages on the Year 6 Home Learning page. Here you can recover any learning from Term 1. 

Complete Oak National Academy Daily Year Timetable by following this link. Click here

Files to Download

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