Beacon Curriculum

Our new Beacon Curriculum has been designed to inspire minds.


Billinge St Aidan’s CE Primary understands that the content and quality of our school curriculum is vital in ensuring that all students in our care achieve both academic and social success.  If our curriculum is fully meeting its intention, by the end of their schooling our students will have enjoyed accumulating, and will be able to apply, an array of knowledge and skills that have been learnt across a wide range of academic disciplines.  Students will develop and maintain a passion for reading and understand that reading broadly and well is inextricably linked to their future chances. The strong progress and outcomes that all students will achieve as a consequence of their desire to be lifelong learners will put them in control of their future choices.  They will therefore be ready to take their next steps in education and will do so with the confidence and determination to fully discover who they are and where their interests lie.

Hover over main menu then select a subject to be taken to that page. There you will find an overview of each subject's content, progression mapping with an Intent, Implementation and Impact statement and most importantly all our Knowledge Organisers which ecplain the content of each unit of work and the key assessment statements - the skills and knowledge that we want EVERY child to achieve in. 

Our units are, where possible, taught in blocks ie. a full unit of Geography will be taught before a History unit, a full unit of Art will be taught before Design and Technology (or vice-versa) etc. Daily lessons of Reading/Phonics, English and Maths take place in every year group. Weekly lessons on PE, RE, RHE, Online Safety takes place. Music, Compuitng and MFL may be done either weekly or in blocks dependent on resources. 

We have adopted Roshenshine's Principles of Instruction as our Teaching and Learning strategy across school. 

We have created our own BEACON Principles to summarise this. These elements occur in all lessons in all subjects across school.

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We also use a "Six Steps to St Aidan's Success" pathway for children to learn how to become more reseilient and find their own way to solutions before asking an adult in the room. 

The poster, which is displayed in classrooms and around school, can be found in the files below. 


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