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Welcome to Billinge St Aidan's C of E Primary School

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Let your light shine (Matthew 5 v16)

Ignite the light of Christ around all our children and whole school community.

Welcome to St Aidan’s CE Primary School we work in partnership with St Aidan’s Church and Liverpool Diocese. We aim to develop all pupils so that they are prepared for life’s events and challenges along their journey into adulthood; this includes supporting them to develop spiritually , academically, physically and socially. This happens in a unique, caring and loving environment based firmly on the school's Christian Values-(see Anglican Life) . We aim to use the model of Christ in helping us to create ‘ a little bit of Heaven on Earth for everyone.’

A child's first step into full-time education is very important and it must be a positive and happy experience. Our aim at St Aidan's is to provide a calm, happy and secure environment which is also stimulating, challenging and exciting.

Your child will gain in confidence and initiative, work hard, learn to think independently and experience the satisfaction which comes from their own achievements and successes.  Our dedicated and professional teaching staff are committed to developing the best that is in every child.

We have developed this web site to provide information for parents considering St Aidan's for their child's education and to provide a wealth of useful information and resources for parents of children already with us. 

'Let your light shine' Matthew 5:16 is embedded across our Nursery and Primary School which enables ALL God's children to shine and help others to shine too.

Call the school office on 01744 678042 for a tour of school.


Mrs Rachel Fisher 



Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back to St Aidan’s ! As we embark on a new academic year, I want to take this opportunityto extend a warm welcome to both new and returning families. It is an honour to be the Headteacher of such a wonderful school community, and the whole St Aidan’s staff team are excited about this academic year .

Welcome Back to a New School Year! A Fresh Start
The summer break has provided us all with a much-needed opportunity to relax, recharge, andreflect on the past year's successes and challenges. Now, as we step into a brand-new schoolyear, I am filled with hope and excitement for what lies ahead.

Continuing Our Partnership

At St Aidan’s, we strongly believe in the importance of a strong partnership between parents,teachers, and our amazing pupils. Together, we can create an environment that nurtures thegrowth and development of every child. I am confident that by working hand in hand, we canachieve great things this year.

Building on Success

It is with great pride that I reflect on the accomplishments of our school community in theprevious year. Our dedicated staff, supportive parents, and enthusiastic students have all playeda significant role in our success. I want to express my gratitude for your unwavering commitmentto your child's education and their overall well-being. We hope to build on our partnership withHope’s Therapy Dogs , Ann Rawsthorne Peer Massage, Happy Hands Keyboard Tuition , St Helens Music Service, Gilchrist Sports,St Helens Chamber and not forgetting our amazing Church St Aidan’s

Hopes and Dreams

As we begin this new school year, I encourage you to dream big and set high aspirations for yourchild. Our dedicated team of teachers
are ready and eager to provide a challenging andsupportive learning environment. We will foster a love of learning, encourage curiosity, and instill
our school chrisitan values of Hope, Love, Friendship , Forgiveness, Truth and Perseverance. These are values that will guide our students throughout their lives.


 Communication is Key

Open and clear communication is vital in ensuring the success of our partnership. I encourage you to reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have. We value your input and look forward to working alongside you to create the best possible educational experience for your child.

Upcoming Events

As the new school year gets underway, we have an exciting range of events and activitiesplanned. From parent workshops to school trips, each experience will serve to enhance your child's learning journey and create lasting memories. Please stay tuned for further details and ensure that you mark the dates in your calendar.

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Billinge St Aidan's Primary School

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