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We have hedgehogs at our school!

Hidden away in a secret location in the school grounds, we have a hedgehog called Anita – and where you find one, you usually have more in the area!
Anita was 6 weeks old when she found by Mrs Barker and taken to
Haydock Hedgehog Helpers (Rescue) to spend a few months there to fatten up and be treated for roundworm and lungworm.
She was released into a home-made hedgehog house made by Dr Rosalind King and Year 4, who also put out food daily at the secret location.

Haydock Hedgehog Helpers is a small, self-funded rescue based in St. Helens; administering first aid and rehabilitation to sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs in the local area. It costs £150 to treat each hedgehog and last year they treated 104 hedgehogs!

They rely heavily on donations of money and cat or kitten food, so every penny is gratefully received. Check them out on Facebook to see videos, photos, updates and events!

Please help support them with any loose change (we have a collection box in the main entrance), donations of food can be left here and we will pass it through to them.





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Staying Safe:

We have a 2 children in our School who have a severe nut allergy. Please click on the link below for more details. Please do not send in nuts for your child’s snack or lunch.

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Thank you

Melanie Ravenscroft
Head teacher



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