Friday 3rd April

Today's activities - if you wish to use them. Activities from all other days are still available. There are many other activities avaliable in Daily Timetable Ideas and Home Learning/School Closure sections of the website if you wish to use those as well as or instead of these. 

Remember there is also Flashback 4 arithmetic, spelling lists, short comprehensions and a chapter by chapter set of activities for The Julian Chapter. Do as much or as little as you need - it is there IF and WHEN you need it. 

Maths - You have now done 7 lessons on Ratio, Proportion and Scale Factors. For Maths today test your knowledge! There is a test and an answer sheet in the files below for you to download. 

English - Download the PDF below to find passive and active voice revision, comprehension and a short writing task all about Buckbeak! The first page of the PDF guides you through the extracts, video links and activites - the other pages are extracts, notes, guides, questions etc. to help you through the session. Do as much or as little as you wish - there is plenty to keep you busy. 

English - complete a short diary entry. Focus on feelings, emotions etc during these strange times. 

Art - drawing flowers and plants in colour based on the work of Henri Rousseau. Have a look through the presentation below. Then look at the photo pack presentation, pick some you feel like having a go at!

Remember to date all your work.


Files to Download

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