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Intent Statement:

The primary objective of Billinge St Aidan's CE Primary School implementing Jane Considine's Book Talk and VIPERS framework in our primary school's reading curriculum is to foster a love for reading, enhance oral comprehension, and develop strong written comprehension skills among our students. By introducing these research-backed strategies, we aim to create a positive and engaging reading environment that empowers students to become confident, critical, and enthusiastic readers.

Implementation Statement:

Our implementation of Jane Considine's Book Talk and VIPERS will involve incorporating these techniques into our existing reading program across all year levels. Book Talk will be used during interactive read-aloud sessions, where teachers will model active reading behaviors, encourage discussions, and stimulate students' imaginations through shared exploration of diverse literary texts. The VIPERS framework will be applied in written comprehension activities, guiding students to analyze Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explanation, Retrieval, and Summarization in the texts they read.

To ensure successful implementation, our teachers will undergo professional development sessions to familiarize themselves with the methodologies and strategies involved in Book Talk and VIPERS. We will also invest in a variety of age-appropriate reading materials to cater to the diverse interests and reading levels of our students. Additionally, parents and caregivers will be encouraged to support their child's reading journey by fostering a reading-friendly environment at home and engaging in book discussions.

Impact Statement:

The adoption of Jane Considine's Book Talk and VIPERS in our primary school's reading curriculum is expected to yield numerous positive impacts on our students, teachers, and the overall learning community. Some key impacts include:

  1. Improved Oral Comprehension: Book Talk sessions will enhance students' listening skills, vocabulary, and comprehension as they actively engage in discussions, share ideas, and explore various literary elements together.

  2. Strengthened Written Comprehension: The VIPERS framework will provide students with a structured approach to comprehend and analyse written texts independently. They will learn to critically evaluate texts, infer meaning, and articulate their thoughts effectively.

  3. Increased Reading Engagement: By creating an interactive and enjoyable reading experience through Book Talk, students are likely to develop a genuine love for reading, leading to increased reading habits both inside and outside the classroom.

  4. Enhanced Critical Thinking: The integration of VIPERS will encourage students to think deeply and critically about the texts they read, fostering analytical skills that are transferable across various academic disciplines.

  5. Boosted Confidence and Communication: Regular participation in Book Talk discussions will build students' confidence in expressing their ideas and opinions, strengthening their verbal communication skills.

  6. Teacher Professional Growth: Implementing these methodologies will enable teachers to refine their instructional techniques, promoting a more dynamic and effective teaching approach for reading comprehension.

  7. Positive School Culture: A shared focus on reading enhancement will create a cohesive and supportive school culture, promoting a love for learning and a collaborative approach to education.

Overall, the adoption of Jane Considine's Book Talk and VIPERS will create a holistic reading program that nurtures lifelong readers and equips students with essential literacy skills crucial for their academic success and personal development.

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