Thursday 2nd April

Today's activities - if you wish to use them. There are many other activities avaliable in Daily Timetable Ideas and Home Learning/School Closure sections of the website if you wish to use those as well as or instead of these. 

Remember there is also Flashback 4 arithmetic, spelling lists, short comprehensions and a chapter by chapter set of activities for The Julian Chapter. Do as much or as little as you need - it is there IF and WHEN you need it. 

All the other activites from previous days are stil available if you want to catch back up.

Maths - Ratio Lesson 7 - Ratio and Proportion Problems. Click here to watch the video and access questions and answers. The class understand our colour system for grading difficulty of questions - the children will explain our class system to you. Questions 1-3   Questions 4-8  

English - Download the PDF below to find comprehension and short writing tasks about the horrid Dolores Umbridge. The first page of the PDF guides you through the extracts, video links and activites - the other pages are extracts, notes, guides, questions etc. to help you through the session. Do as much or as little as you wish - there is plenty to keep you busy. 

English - complete a short diary entry. Focus on feelings, emotions etc during these strange times. 

French - All In A Day - Lesson 2. Download and the watch the powerpoint presentation below about using am and pm. Click the speakers to hear the phrases and repeat them. Download or view and complete the activity sheet. There are three graded activities. One star is the easiest to three stars the most difficult. 

Files to Download

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