Before & After School Clubs

Breakfast Club

7.30 - 8.50 am Cost £4.10.
The children can choose from a variety of cereals. Toast with jam is also available and a drink of juice or water. They are able to choose from a selection of activities and enjoy spending time with their peers.

After School Club

3.30 - 5.30 pm Cost £5.60, 2 or more children £5.35 each.
Children are provided with a small snack and drink. They are able to access a number of indoor and outdoor activities including craft activities.

The Out-of-Hours Clubs (Kids 'R' Us) provide a wonderful opportunity for parents wishing to go back to work or go out for the day. Children really enjoy both clubs and they are well cared for.

Click on the link below for a Kids'R'Us long term booking form.

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